Taylor was commenting on this swiftie’s instagram account, and i was getting emotional reading this because, it’s like she was describing Ed & the advice Taylor gave her was like her own feelings about the whole situation with Ed. Especially those that I’ve highlighted in Red.   (x)

PS: the amazing part about this post, the post before it on this instagram, was a post about sweeran :) Do  you guys think she sees it ? I bet she does ! ;)

I don’t know if Taylor and Ed are suited enough in some ways to work as a couple but I think they’re super cute friends and regardless of speculation either way, this is lovely thoughtful advice. And I think both Taylor and Ed would be aware that people ship them.

2 yrs ago, my reaction to them is exactly like that. Coz if you look at the physical aspects of it you would definitely see it that way. But if you look into their souls, their talent, their likes & dislikes, their thoughts , their background & such… you would realise that they have so much in common and most of us kind of wonder how is it that they are not together yet because they are literally soul mates !